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Progress and News of the Neighbourhood Plan


Here you will find any news of the production of the NP and its progress


19 January 2018Cabinet approval

HDC's cabinet has approved our Neighbourhood Plan and it can now proceed to referendum on the 1st March 2018.

If you wish to read the plan go to the Document Library and view the submission version.

Our plan will be adopted and recieve legal status if more than 50% of people voting are in favour.

So if you wish us to have more influence and control over planning decisions affecting the Parish then vote YES.

A not insignificant benefit is that the % of CIL (Community Infastucture Levy) received by the Parish from developments within the Parish is increased from 15 to 25% when a Neighbourhood Plan is in place. This is particularly significant if and when the development at Houghton Grange goes ahead.

30 November 2017At Last we have a DATE

After a second examination ( of 2 policies) the final details of our Neighbourhood Plan have been agreed.

The final steps are for the plan to go before HDC's Overview and Scrutiny Panel and then the Cabinet in January 2018.

The referendum date proposed is the 1 March 2018


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