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This schedule shows the major milestones towards completing the Neighbourhood Plan. However these dates may change as they are influenced by outside bodies including HDC, the General Election and the Planning Examiner.

Activity Start/Finish Dates

Pre-submission Consultation with public bodies, other organisations and Parish residents.

15 Nov 2014 to  3 Jan 2015

Revisions from consultation, collation of supporting documents, preparation of consultation document (HDC) , agree examiner

4 Jan 2015 to    Feb 2015

Submission version of plan and other docs send to HDC for review

Because of the pre-election purdah (starting 30 March) HDC will not be able to start their 6 weeks consultation until after the general election.

 May 2015 to July 2015 


Independant Examination by the appointed inspector

Oct/Dec 2015

Examiners report completed requesting some amendments to two policies


       14 Dec 2015                    

 NDP Working Group worked with HDC Planning to agree new wording, supporting text and reference documents,  for the two Policies.                                                                

 Mar 2017 
HDC  arrange Public consultation on proposed amendments

start 7 April 2017

end 22 May 2017

HDC review comments from consultation and if not major prepare final version for Cabinet.

The comments raised significant issues therefore an examiner will be engaged to consider the modifications and comments and recommend a compromise solution.

Second examiner engaged and has reported.

HDC and NP working group have reviewed.

Examiner, HDC and NPWG have to agree final wording of 2 outstanding policies

end of June 2017

end of August 2017

October 2017

November 2017

December 2017                           


Plan goes before HDC Overview and Scrutiny Panel

Plan goes before HDC Cabinet for approval

!6 January 2018

18 January 2018

Parish Referendum       currently scheduled for 1 March 2018
Updated on 30/11/2017

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