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Welcome to the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) website.

The purpose of this website is to:

-  provide information about the process for  developing the NDP and the progress to date.

- publish feedback from the survey and consultations. 

- allow you to access the various documents supporting the development of the NDP.

- provide access to the draft sections of the NDP as they are developed

- allow downloading of these documents for you to read offline and print if required.

All the above documents will be found (when published) in the Document Library on the navigation bar at the top of this page.

Note that items on the navigation bar with arrow heads to their right have subordinate pages so hover over the item to see them.

See the SUBMISSION VERSION page for access to the documents and comments.

The Submission Version has now being examined by the appointed planning inspector and she had provided the Fact Check version of the Independent Examiner's Report.

See the SCHEDULE page for dates and EXAMINATION & REFERENDUM page for the final steps in this process.

HDC and the Parish Council (via the NDP Working Group) have now agreed the policy wording and supporting statements and evidence  for both the built-up area and the Anti-Coalescence between the Parish and St Ives.

The consultation for the above has ended and some comments were of such significance that HDC has decided that these changes need to go before an appointed planning inspector. We are currently working with HDC to find a suitable inspector who is available reasonable quickly. This of course will once again delay the date for the referendum.

The policies define the built-up area of the Parish (giving a clear definition and protection for residents) and protects the gap between us and St Ives ( a vital step to preserve the identity of the Parish). If you wish to read these new policies before going to HDC's website then go to Document Library then the folder Consultation-amended-policies and select the required document.



We live in a beautiful village and parish and the aim of the Neighbourhood Plan is to protect its heritage for the future, preserve and improve the quality of life and meet the changing needs of the residents.

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